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What are Floaters?

Eye floaters are localized condensations occuring in the vitreous gel like substance in the eye.  The vitreous gel in your eyes might shrink and pull the retina because of aging or injuries, leading to the formation of small gel-like particles that float in your field of vision. Most people describe floaters as bits of blurry shapes or dust in their vision.

Symptoms of Floaters:

  • Blurry shapes in your vision, such as spiders, amoebas, or clouds
  • Squiggly lines in your vision
  • Dark or blurry spots in your vision
  • Thread-like strands of color in your vision
  • Small shadowy spots in different areas of your vision
  • Black or extremely dark spots in your vision

Causes of Floaters

Floaters can occur because of natural aging, injuries, or underlying medical conditions related to the retina, such as retinal detachment and retinal tears. As you grow older, the vitreous fluid in your eye shrinks and creates small gel-like particles that float down behind the retina, leading to the appearance of floaters in your vision. You have a higher risk of floaters if you are diabetic or have eye inflammation.

The Diagnosis & Treatment of Floaters

During your eye exam, the eye doctor will carefully examine your eyes, ask about your symptoms, and look inside your eyes. They will visually determine if you have floaters in your eyes and use advanced techniques to diagnose the root cause of floaters and flashes. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor will formulate a personalized treatment plan to address the underlying eye conditions responsible for floaters.

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Medical Surgical Eye Institute is a premier eye care center in Worcester. Our ophthalmologists discuss your symptoms, examine your eyes, and administer imaging tests to narrow down the specific root cause of floaters and flashes in your vision. After diagnosing the root cause, our eye doctors formulate a personalized treatment plan for you. If you notice floaters or flashes, please schedule an appointment at our eye care center in Worcester, MA.

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