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What are Flashes?

Eye flashes usually appear as lightning or camera flashes in your field of vision, usually because of the natural shrinking of the vitreous, a gel-like substance in the eye.  Frequent or severe flashes can be indicative of an underlying medical condition, such as retinal detachment. The incidence of experiencing eye flashes increases as you grow older because the vitreous gel naturally shrinks and degrades with age, transmitting traction to the retina.

Symptoms of Flashes:

  • You notice a bright spot or streak of light in your field of vision
  • You notice a jagged light, similar to lightning, in your field of vision
  • You notice bursts of bright light, similar to camera flashes or fireworks, in your field of vision
  • You may also notice small black shapes in your vision (floaters)

Causes of Flashes

Eye flashes occur when the vitreous gel in your eyes shrinks and pulls the retina, leading to vision problems. If the retina tears due to the vitreous gel pulling away, fluid can track behind the retina, leading to a retinal detachment and vision changes. Eye flashes are often symptomatic of retinal tears or retinal detachment, conditions that can permanently damage your vision. That’s why you must contact an eye doctor if you notice frequent eye flashes.

The Diagnosis & Treatment of Flashes

Eye flashes can be symptomatic of underlying conditions, such as retinal tears and retinal detachment. Our ophthalmologists will carefully examine your eyes, determine the root cause of your eye flashes, and formulate a personalized treatment plan to address the underlying problem. Our comprehensive approach to eye flash treatments ensures safe results that improve your overall vision and ocular health.

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Medical Surgical Eye Institute is a state-of-the-art eye care center specializing in cutting-edge treatments for various eye conditions. Our medical providers carefully examine your eyes, discuss your symptoms, and perform diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your eye flashes, based on which they curate a personalized treatment plan. Please schedule an appointment at our eye care center in Worcester if you notice lightning flashes in your vision.

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