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What is Eye Trauma?

Eye trauma injury can causes pain, swelling, redness, or other symptoms in your eyes. You may suffer from eye trauma because of sports injuries, violent attacks, exposure to chemicals, foreign objects striking your eyes, accidents, and other such instances. Mild eye injuries usually heal with rest and at-home treatments, but if you have severe eye trauma, you must visit an ophthalmologist immediately or go to an emergency room.

Symptoms of Eye Trauma:

  • Pain and swelling in and around the eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to touch
  • Swelling around the eyelids, eyeballs, and the entire face
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Bruising and redness around the eyes
  • Floating black spots in the vision
  • Flashes of lights in the vision
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Inability to move eyes properly
  • One eye may move independently from the other
  • Strabismus, i.e., eyes may look crossed
  • Protruding eyes
  • Bleeding from the whites of the eyes
  • Red and black spots in the eyes

Causes of Eye Trauma:

  • Accidents while using home equipment or power tools, such as lawnmowers, saws, drills, etc.
  • Injuries caused during sports, such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc.
  • Trauma from sharp objects piercing the eyes
  • Blunt force trauma of the eyes
  • Falls and car accidents that affect the eyes
  • Violent attacks that affect the eyes
  • Exposure to chemicals

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