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Sight-Saving Advances in Diabetic Eye Disease

By Uncategorized Written By: Reena MukamalReviewed By: G Atma Vemulakonda, MDOct. 16, 2020 Nearly 10% of Americans have diabetes — a figure that’s expected to double by 2050. As diabetes becomes more common, an unprecedented…

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Diet and Nutrition and Vision

By Uncategorized Reviewed By: Ninel Z Gregori MDEdited By: Daniel PorterOct. 19, 2020 No, you’re not getting any younger. But eating the right foods can protect your vision and keep you healthy. Research…

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Dr. Lisa Neavyn

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Dear Patients: We are writing to inform you that Dr. Neavyn is leaving our practice. Her husband has accepted a position in Maine and they will be moving there this…

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